A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Can Stop Your Deportation

Depending on your immigration status, facing criminal charges can result in deportation from the United States and separation from your family. In today’s political environment, prosecutors and ICE officials are more aggressive when prosecuting charges involving removal.

What Is Crimmigration?
The intersection of criminal and immigration law involving possible deportation as a penalty for an arrest or conviction.

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I am a passionate advocate of immigrants in Texas and speak fluent Spanish during my interactions with my Spanish-speaking clients and their families. I have successfully defended immigrants against serious criminal charges, allowing them to remain in the United States.

Immigrants have the same rights protected by the U.S. Constitution as citizens. If you have been arrested on a criminal charge or detained, use your right to remain silent until you have an experienced attorney representing you. Do not sign any documents or provide any relevant case information.

More Than Criminal Defense Services For Immigrants In Texas

I can help you with many types of criminal defense and immigration issues, including:

  • Defending immigrants against serious criminal charges
  • Representation for criminal immigration proceedings
  • Deportation hearings
  • Assistance with deferred action requests
  • Help with applications and forms

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