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What actions are considered kidnapping under the law?

Kidnapping is a very serious federal crime. If you have been accused of kidnapping, you should take the time to understand the elements of the crime. While most cases of kidnapping are dealt with on a state level, federal charges can be brought if the alleged kidnapping involved crossing state lines.

Eyewitness testimony suffers from changing memories

Eyewitness testimony often contributes heavily to criminal cases. In situations where the event was not caught on video or otherwise recorded, what someone saw at the scene may be the only account of what took place -- at least, the only account that does not come from the person accused of breaking the law.

When is cyberbullying a crime?

When a person teases or consistently offends or intimidates another in person, it is known as bullying. The act of bullying often is seen as synonymous with the behavior of school-age children and can be considered as harmless. However, this is simply not the case. Bullying can be perpetrated by a person of any age, and it is very rarely harmless. It can also be a crime under many circumstances.

Understanding child kidnapping charges in Texas

Kidnapping can occur in many contexts, from a parent taking a child away from the other custodian, to an adult forcibly holding another adult hostage for personal gain. In the vast majority of cases, those accused of kidnapping may be able to use the law to show that the situation was different from how it was perceived by another party.

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