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What is the definition of domestic abuse?

Contrary to popular belief, domestic abuse can happen to people of all ages and all genders. Domestic abuse does not always occur within the bounds of a romantic relationship either. It is defined by occurring in a domestic setting, not in a romantic setting. This means that domestic assault can occur between roommates, spouses or between parent and child.

Claiming self-defense as a response to an assault accusation

It can be very scary to be faced with criminal charges, especially when the events leading up to the accusation became out of control quickly. Bar fights and other situations where people are accused of assault can escalate in seconds, and it can often be near-impossible to establish who was at fault.

Dealing with an accusation of domestic violence

Domestic violence is often thought of as abuse that is perpetrated by one person and aimed at their romantic partner. While this is an example of domestic violence, there are many other examples. Generally speaking, domestic violence is classed as any type of abuse or violence that takes place in the family dynamic or within a household.

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