14 men arrested for various federal crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2023 | Federal Crimes

Certain types of crimes carry the potential for elevated penalties, including extensive time behind bars. More than a dozen men in Texas are facing the consequences of various federal charges after the conclusion of an operation run by state and federal law enforcement in an effort to track and arrest violent offenders in the Houston area. A total of 14 men are now in police custody and facing charges ranging from drug-related offenses to weapons crimes.

Behind bars and facing various consequences

The operation involved Texas-based officials and law enforcement personnel from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. More than 200 officers were spread throughout the county to locate and arrest individuals suspected of various serious crimes. Some of the charges the men are facing include felon in possession of a firearm, drug trafficking and more.

Federal charges typically carry steeper penalties upon conviction, and it is more difficult to get a bond for these offenses. Another factor that could impact the penalties a defendant is facing is his or her criminal history. Many of the individuals arrested in this recent operation have previous convictions on their criminal records.

The rights of defendants

Regardless of the allegations against a person or his or her criminal history, a person facing criminal charges has the right to the presumption of innocence. Each of these Texas defendants will benefit from seeking knowledgeable counsel regarding the defense options available to them. An experienced defense attorney can provide insight regarding the most appropriate defense strategy by which one can confront the charges brought by the prosecution.