Defense strategies for drug crimes in Texas

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Drug Charges

If Texas police take you into custody, you might have a lot at stake, including your freedom. Depending on the circumstances, it took days, weeks or months to fully adjudicate your case. If you face accusations for drug crimes, one of the first things you’ll want to do is start planning a defense.

Facing drug charges can be a scary experience. If police officers searched your vehicle or residence prior to your arrest, information regarding that procedure may be relevant to your case in court. While criminal charges for drug crimes is a serious matter, there have been many defendants who have obtained positive outcomes based on a strong defense, which is why it is helpful to explore your options as soon as possible after an arrest has taken place.

Lack of knowledge or mistaken belief may be a defense strategy for drug crimes

If you believed a particular substance to be something other than what it was, such as believing that a white powder was baking soda, when, in fact, it was cocaine, your mistaken belief might be a basis for a criminal defense to refute the charges in court. Then again, if police arrested you for drug possession, and you were aware that you were carrying illegal drugs, you may have been under duress at the time, which may be another defense option.

For instance, if someone threatened to harm one of your family members if you refused to transport a package, this demonstrates duress, otherwise known as undue pressure to commit a crime.

Cases of mistaken identity

A police officer may have arrested you, thinking that you were someone else. There have been many cases of mistaken identity that have resulted in criminal charges filed against innocent people. You might have a name that is similar to someone else, or you might look like a person whom police were searching for in connection with a criminal investigation.

If you know that you are innocent and that investigators have mistaken you for someone else, it is best to remain calm and pursue legal options that may be available, such as requesting a case dismissal.

The penalties for drug crimes are harsh in Texas

Facing charges for drug crimes in the Lone Star State is never a minor issue, especially because penalties under conviction in this state are often more severe than they might be for similar crimes in another state. Building a strong defense is the key to obtaining a positive outcome. Relying on experienced legal support is undoubtedly the best means for building a strong defense.