Texas man sentenced to 15 years for drug crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2022 | Criminal Defense

A man from Beaumont recently learned that he will be spending the next 15 years in a federal prison. A judge passed down this steep sentence after the defendant entered a guilty plea for drug-related charges, including drug trafficking. Trafficking is a federal offense, which typically carries the potential for steep penalties, including extensive prison sentences. The Texas man was the owner of Jake’s Fireworks, a seasonal business that operated next to the family-owned Right Price Chemicals. 

Illegal distribution of chemicals 

The defendant pleaded guilty to charges of possession of a date-rape drug with the intent of distribution. After an investigation, officials linked the chemical company with a large-scale distribution process. While intended as an industrial solvent and cleaner, when ingested, BDO metabolizes and becomes the date-rape drug, GHB. The company came to the attention of law enforcement officials after two people died after consuming BDO from this Texas chemical company. 

The lengthy investigation into the company began in 2018. Federal agents concluded that the chemical business was a front for a large chemical drug trafficking operation that was distributing drugs nationwide. Along with the defendant, another family member is also facing federal charges for his role in the operation. 

Seeking a reasonable sentence 

There is much at stake when facing federal drug charges. A Texas defendant will benefit from working with an experienced attorney who can provide insight into the potential benefit of entering a plea deal and seeking a more lenient sentence. Every case is different, and it will be helpful to seek an assessment of the individual situation to learn more about the specific defense options available.