Drug bust leads to arrest of alleged gang member

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Drug Charges

A recent operation conducted by Texas law enforcement authorities reportedly led to the discovery of significant amounts of illegal drugs and the arrest of two individuals. An organized crime task force executed a search warrant in Bexar County, leading to a large drug bust. Two individuals were arrested because of the operation, including one alleged active gang member. Both of these individuals are facing multiple felony drug charges. 

Discovery of drugs and more 

During the raid of the private residence, law enforcement say they spotted a woman who was trying to flee the scene. Allegedly, she was attempting to hop over a fence, but she was apprehended before she was able to do so. In the home, police say they found an individual who is allegedly an active gang member, along with significant amounts of illicit substances.  

In addition to large amounts of drugs found at the scene of the raid, police also claim to have seized a stolen motorcycle and two handguns. According to investigators, the street value of the drugs discovered during the raid is approximately $43,000. Both defendants are being held on bond. 

Their optimal defense options 

It is critical for these two Texas individuals to act immediately to protect their future interests. If convicted, they are facing extensive time behind bars and other repercussions that could have an impact on the rest of their lives. At this point, they will benefit from the guidance of an experienced defense attorney who can provide insight regarding the most appropriate way to confront the case against them.