Traffic stop leads to drug charges for Texas driver and passenger

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When law enforcement initiates a traffic stop, it is usually because the officer suspects a crime is taking place or there is a clear violation of traffic laws. During the interaction with the driver, an officer may become aware of other factors that could indicate other criminal activities may be taking place, such as the possession of drugs. This recently happened in Bryan, Texas, after a driver was pulled over for a traffic violation and ended up in police custody facing felony allegations. 

Multiple felony drug charges 

The initial traffic stop was made because law enforcement witnessed the driver in the left lane without passing. After pulling over the vehicle, the officer approached the car, and he stated that he smelled marijuana inside the truck. He then conducted a search of the vehicle that led to the discovery of bags of methamphetamine, cocaine and paraphernalia associated with the sale of drugs. Law enforcement also found drugs on the driver’s person. 

Both the driver and the passenger were arrested. The driver is facing first and third-degree drug charges, and he is being held on bond. The passenger is charged with four different felony charges, and she is also being held on bond. 

What is next? 

The two Texas individuals facing these criminal allegations would be wise to act quickly to shield their interests. Felony drug charges bring the potential for serious penalties, including significant time behind bars. They have the right to pursue the best possible outcome by seeking experienced legal counsel and presenting a thoughtfully prepared defense strategy.