The implications of domestic violence allegations

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Allegations of certain types of violent actions can have serious implications for one’s life, especially if that person is in the midst of a contentious divorce or custody battle. When accused of domestic violence, it can lead to complications in other areas, and a strong defense is critical. These types of allegations can arise out of situations involving self-defense, a misunderstanding or a desire to sabotage the other person’s legal interests.  

Types of domestic abuse 

Abuse can take many forms, and it may be surprising to learn that one could be charged with domestic abuse even without making physical contact with a Texas accuser. These cases are often one person’s word against the other, and they can be difficult to prove. Common types of alleged abuse that may lead to domestic violence allegations include: 

  • Sexual abuse 
  • Physical abuse 
  • Emotional abuse 
  • Psychological abuse 
  • Economic abuse 

In some cases, simply making a threat can lead to domestic violence allegations, as can cases involving stalking, harassing or watching someone without permission. With the rise in access to technology and the internet, cyberstalking and other types of cyber abuse have become more common in domestic violence cases.  

Defending your rights and interests 

If a Texas defendant is facing allegations of domestic abuse, he or she will benefit from understanding the defense options available. With the right defense support, one may be able to fight back against these accusations and protect his or her rights and interests. These allegations are serious, but quick action may help minimize the damage and allow the accused to fight back against any type of protective order or criminal charges he or she is up against.