Felony drug charges for couple arrested after Texas drug bust

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Drug Charges

A Texas couple finds themselves facing serious legal repercussions after a recent drug bust operation was conducted by the Houston Police Department. The HPD initiated an investigation into their activities, which ultimately led to a search of the couple’s residence. After serving the search warrant, police say they found sufficient evidence to make an arrest and file felony drug charges against each individual.

Details of the search and arrest

Both were home at the time law enforcement conducted the search, and authorities say they both agreed to speak with police. According to the report of the search and arrest, each individual allegedly admitted to possession of fentanyl. During the search of the residence, police say they found marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription pills, fentanyl pills with residue, drug paraphernalia and drug-related items.

During the search, police say they also found guns and brass knuckles in the residence. Both defendants have previous convictions on their records and are prohibited from possessing firearms. Currently, each of the defendants has a bond of $250,000 and is awaiting the next step of the criminal justice process.

Defending their future interests

If convicted, these Texas residents are facing grave repercussions, including extensive time behind bars. With previous convictions on their records, they will find it beneficial to begin immediately to develop a defense strategy by which they can effectively confront the current felony drug charges they are facing. It will be beneficial to start by seeking the assistance and input of an experienced Texas defense attorney.