Avoiding trouble when transporting a weapon

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Criminal Defense

State and federal laws are clear when it comes to traveling with a firearm. There are times when it is necessary to travel through an airport with a personal weapon, but there are strict rules about this. Unlawful possession of a gun in an airport is a federal offense, and transporting a weapon the wrong way through an airport can result in an arrest, serious criminal charges, fines and other repercussions.  

The right way to carry a firearm in an airport 

If a Texas adult needs to transport a firearm while traveling by air, specific procedures must be followed. According to the Transportation Security Administration, a firearm must be placed in a hard-sided container and only placed in checked baggage. The traveler must declare the weapon and the ammunition with the airline when checking baggage.  

The container in which the firearm is kept during transport must be secure and not easily accessible. A traveler cannot take ammunition in his or her carry-on baggage, even if it is kept separate from the weapon. Failure to observe any of the rules, even inadvertently, can result in serious consequences. 

Defending against weapons charges 

If a Texas defendant is facing charges resulting from having a weapon in an airport, he or she will benefit from having knowledgeable defense counsel. This individual could face serious penalties if convicted, and it is important to protect one’s rights at each step of the criminal justice process. It will help to start by speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing any type of weapons charges.