Texas man arrested and charged for drug trafficking

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Drug Charges

One Texas man is facing serious criminal charges after authorities arrested him at a bar in Amarillo. He is charged with drug trafficking after law enforcement found more than 25 bags of cocaine on his person. The man was searched by authorities on the basis of a federal warrant, and reports indicate that drugs were found on his person and in the bar area as well.

Details of the case against the defendant

Documents pertaining to the case indicate the defendant admitted to law enforcement that he sold cocaine through the bar. He would allegedly receive around one ounce per week to sell, but the source of the drugs is not immediately known. Undercover officers purchased drugs from the bar on multiple occasions since August 2021.

The official charges against the man include conspiring to distribute cocaine and possession with the intent to distribute. If convicted, he could face extensive time behind bars. Trafficking is a federal-level criminal offense, which means the penalties associated with these charges are particularly steep.

Preparation of a strong defense

The right defense for this specific defendant depends on the individual details of his unique situation, including his previous criminal record. It will be in his interests to work with an experienced attorney, developing the right defense strategy that will provide him the highest chance of a successful outcome to his case. To understand the best approach for his defense and the potential consequences that may come with a conviction, he will find it helpful to start with an assessment of his individual case.