Prescription drugs found after raid by Texas police

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Criminal Defense

A Texas man is facing serious criminal allegations after a raid conducted by the Galveston County Organized Crime Task Force. The drug raid resulted in the discovery of prescription medication and types of dangerous illegal drugs, and the man is now facing criminal charges that include felony drug possession. Because it is a federal offense, a conviction could result in an extensive prison sentence and other repercussions that could affect multiple areas of his life.  

Details of the narcotics raid 

It is not immediately clear what circumstances led to the raid of the defendant’s personal property. Prescription medication is highly regulated, and having these drugs in one’s possession without a valid prescription and medical need is a crime. Because of the amount of drugs found by police in the raid, the assumption is that the defendant intended to traffic the drugs.  

Narcotics police found different types of controlled substances, illegal drugs and prescription medication in the search of the property. Drugs found include methamphetamine, Xanax, fentanyl and Soma, which is a type of muscle relaxer. In addition to felony drug possession, he is also facing charges of manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance. 

Choosing the best defense strategy 

According to Texas records, the man remains in police custody. Even if released on bond, he would be wise to begin developing the best defense strategy for his individual situation. It would be in his interests to work with an attorney who has specific experience in felony cases involving prescription drug possession and other related charges.