Those accused of violent crimes could face steeper penalties

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Assault And Domestic Violence

Because of a recent change in Texas laws, defendants accused of certain types of criminal activities may be facing more complexities as they navigate the criminal justice system. The passage of a new bill now means that those accused of violent crimes must pay cash for bail. For some, this could add additional complications to an already complex and daunting situation.  

Details of the new bill 

Lawmakers in support of this bill state that they believe this will make it more difficult for violent offenders to get back on the streets. This bill could change several aspects of the criminal justice process, including how and when alleged offenders are released after an arrest. There is some concern regarding how the bill could have a potentially negative impact on the rights of those accused of a crime. 

This bill will mean that personal bonds are no longer acceptable for bail payments. This will make it incredibly difficult for those without much cash or low-income earners to post bail. Opponents of the bill have expressed the fear that this will lead to wealth-based incarceration and overpopulated detention centers. 

The importance of a defense 

Those facing any type of violent crime accusation in Texas will benefit from the guidance of an experienced legal professional. An attorney can help a defendant navigate each step of the criminal justice system, including posting bail. It is helpful to secure defense counsel from the earliest possible point in the case in order to begin developing an effective defense strategy and ensure the protection of constitutional rights.