Drug charges for 40 people in Texas for large drug operation

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2021 | Drug Charges

Dozens of people in Texas are facing serious criminal charges for their alleged role in a large-scale operation involving meth and gun trafficking. Recently, the U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Texas announced the arrest of 40 people, all of whom are now facing weapons and drug charges. This includes some who were arrested as a result of a specific law enforcement effort called Operation Taste the Rainbow.

An alleged methamphetamine operation

The 40 men and women arrested have alleged ties to a methamphetamine operation, and they are charged in three different indictments. The defendants are facing a range of federal-level charges, including conspiracy, unlawful possession of firearms, distribution of methamphetamine and more. If convicted of any federal charge, a defendant could face elevated penalties, such as lengthier prison sentences, higher fines and more.

Some of these defendants have previous convictions on their records, including assault, controlled substance violations, forgery, making terroristic threats and burglary. One’s criminal record can affect current cases and pending charges. Each of these 40 individuals would be wise to begin working on a defense strategy uniquely suited to their individual situations.

Fighting federal charges

Facing federal weapons and drug charges is a serious threat to a Texas defendant’s future. The stakes are high as a conviction could result in the loss of personal freedom, reputation and future opportunities. In order to develop the most effective defense strategy, one would be wise to work with a Texas attorney experienced in federal criminal defense. An assessment of the individual situation can help one identify the most effective way to fight these charges.