Texas man is facing drug trafficking charges

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Drug Charges

A Texas man is currently in jail for alleged drug-related criminal offenses. He was taken into police custody after he was stopped by law enforcement near Austin. The traffic stop was initiated for a routine traffic violation that was unrelated to the eventual criminal charges. He is currently charged with drug trafficking, and he is facing extensive penalties if convicted of these crimes.

Details of the case

The report of the traffic stop and arrest states that the law enforcement officer who approached the vehicle after pulling the driver over had a sense something was not right. It is not clear why the officer had the suspicion that criminal activity was taking place, and this will be an important focal point as the case heads to court. He asked the driver for permission to search the SUV, which he supposedly gave him.

The search reportedly revealed narcotics in the vehicle, which led to his arrest. He is officially charged with felony possession of narcotics, felony possession of 10 pounds of marijuana, felony possession of narcotics for sale and transportation of marijuana for sale. Felony charges are serious, and the penalties associated with these offenses are especially grave.

The right defense

This Texas adult will now benefit from taking steps to develop the strongest defense strategy possible. An assessment of his case will reveal how he can move forward to protect his rights and defend his future interests. The stakes against him are high, but working with an experienced defense attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of his case, the penalties he could face and other details of his future.