Texas couple facing criminal charges for drug-related crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Drug Charges

A Texas couple from Bryan are facing serious criminal charges after a raid by the College Station Police Department. The man and his girlfriend are facing the serious allegation that they were running a substantial drug operation throughout the area. This is a felony offense, and this drug-related crime could result in substantial penalties if they are convicted. The man was currently on parole for another criminal charge at the time of this most recent arrest.

Alleged drug operation

The police raided two homes, one in College Station and the other in Bryan, both belonging to the same man. At the homes, law enforcement found five pounds of marijuana, and substantial amounts of Adderall and illegal mushrooms. The report of the raid also lists a gun, as well as ledgers and scales. The ledgers also supposedly contained records of marijuana and THC concentrate sales.

Law enforcement placed the man and his girlfriend under arrest. Both are charged with the manufacturing of drugs, delivery of drugs and drug possession charges. Investigators in charge of the case are asking that the bail be set at no less than $100,000. It is not clear if bail has been set for the girlfriend.

Building a strong defense

Both parties would be wise to begin working to build a strong defense strategy. If convicted of felony drug-related crimes, they could face years in prison. With the right support and guidance from an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney, it may be possible to effectively confront these charges and defend their future interests.