Drug-related charges filed against federal agent

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Drug Charges

A federal agent is facing serious criminal charges for his role in an alleged attempt to aid in the smuggling of drugs. The allegations he is facing involve assisting and abetting individuals who were smuggling drugs through a Border Patrol checkpoint in Texas. He could spend 10 years to the rest of his life in a federal prison if convicted of these federal drug-related charges. 

Violating drug laws 

The federal agent is charged with accepting $1,000 on two different occasions for his assistance in helping a vehicle smuggle in at least five milligrams of cocaine through a checkpoint. This allegedly happened on two different occasions. According to the prosecution’s case, the defendant supposedly used his role as a Border Patrol agent to provide information about how to get through the checkpoint with drugs. 

The complaint against him specifically states the agent told drivers of the vehicle which lane to use, how to conceal the drugs and other tactics to successfully bring cocaine across the checkpoint. In addition to extensive time behind bars, he is also facing a potential fine of as much as $10 million. While accused of serious crime, he is innocent until proven guilty, and he has not yet been convicted of any charges. 

His best defense 

At this point, the defendant would be wise to work quickly to build a strong and effective defense strategy. He will find it beneficial to work with an experienced Texas attorney who understands how to confront federal drug-related charges. Starting with an assessment of his case, he can learn about the various defense options available to him and how he can defend his future interests and pursue the best possible outcome to his case.