The right defense for assault charges

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Criminal charges involving an element of violence or the threat of violence can bring significant penalties and consequences if one is convicted. Assault charges are those associated with actions committed that cause physical harm or done in a way to threaten physical harm. Assault charges can range in type and severity, and any Texas individual facing these allegations would be wise to develop a strong defense strategy with which to confront the prosecution’s case. 

Trying to harm someone else 

Assault charges are typically defined as an attempt to cause physical harm to someone else. They can result from a threat to cause harm or an effort to do so, even if no physical contract was made. In order to get a conviction for assault, there must be evidence of an actual criminal act. Some common types of assault include the following: 

  • Sexual assault 
  • Assault with a deadly weapon 
  • Injury to a disabled or elderly person 
  • Harm to a child 
  • Terroristic threats 
  • Harassment of public servants 

In most types of assault cases, the prosecution will gather evidence and build a case that seeks to prove general intent. The goal will be to prove that the actions committed by the accused were not accidental. 

The most effective approach 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating an effective defense strategy for assault charges. If a Texas individual is under investigation or already charged, he or she may benefit from working with an experienced defense attorney. He or she can help evaluate the situation and develop the most effective approach for confronting these charges.  

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