What does a marijuana arrest mean in Texas?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Drug Charges

In many parts of the country, weed is a legal recreational drug in certain quantities. In Texas, however, marijuana is still illegal, even though CBD and hemp are legal. Marijuana-related arrests can still come with significant legal penalties, even though the severity of these penalties may depend on the specific jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions allow the arresting officer to make a judgment call regarding whether to write a citation or make an arrest.

Low-level offenses

In the name of health precautions and for other reasons, many jurisdictions have adjusted how they handle low-level marijuana offenses. By doing this, more officers can focus on handling more serious crimes and supporting their communities in different ways. In Dallas, the police department recently approved official changes to how they handle marijuana offenses.

One law enforcement leader wanted to reiterate that these changes do not mean the law has changed. In Texas, marijuana remains illegal. By adjusting policies related to these offenses, it has helped avoid overcrowding in jails in the midst of the pandemic. It should be noted that defendants can still face jail time for open use of marijuana, and it is beneficial to take these cases seriously.

A defense is still necessary

Facing criminal charges related to drugs of any kind is still a serious threat to one’s future. Even if facing marijuana charges, it is prudent to confront the prosecution’s case with a strong defense. Regardless of certain changes in police operations and policies, one still has the right to protect his or her future interests.