Continued incarceration for Texas man facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Drug Charges

A Texas man will remain behind bars while he awaits his arraignment hearing for various criminal charges. The defendant is facing allegations of both weapons violations and drug charges for which he was arrested at the beginning of the month. The next step in his case will take place at the end of March when he will learn more about the specific details of the prosecution’s case and what he will need to do defend his interests.

Allegations of weapons and drug charges

The formal charges were filed against the defendant after law enforcement found narcotics in his possession and a loaded handgun. Other details of the case, such as why he was being searched by police, are not immediately apparent. He was placed under arrest for alleged controlled substance violations, a felony offense.

He was actually indicted for lesser misdemeanor-level offenses, possession of a weapon while under the influence of alcohol and first-offense methamphetamine possession. These are both serious offenses, but they are misdemeanors. They come with less grave penalties than felony offenses, yet the Texas defendant is still facing a serious legal situation.

Fighting for his future

It is in this defendant’s interests to take his situation seriously and begin developing an appropriate defense strategy. If convicted, he could face additional time behind bars and other penalties. Whether facing a misdemeanor offense or a grave federal criminal charge, each individual accused of breaking the law has rights. Fighting for one’s future can start by seeking assistance from an experienced defense attorney.