Defending against allegations of computer crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Even if they seem relatively harmless, certain activities on a computer could result in serious criminal charges. Cyber crime is a term used to describe a wide variety of activities that violate state or federal laws. Computers may be employed in a variety of offenses that include fraud or larceny. In many cases, these crimes are committed with the intent of economic gain or for some type of sexual offense.

If you are under investigation for computer crimes or already charged, it is in your interests to take your situation seriously. If convicted, you could face time behind bars, fines and other penalties that could alter the course of your life. Protecting your interests starts from the moment you learn of an investigation or as soon as possible after an arrest.

Types of computer crimes

Computer crimes include a wide variety of activities. They can include doing certain things without authorization, accessing sensitive information, taking funds, verbal abuse and much more. Examples of this type of crime include:

  • Doing things that interfere with another person’s computer access
  • Taking data without permission
  • Committing credit card or debit card fraud
  • Impersonating someone else online
  • Modifying, sabotaging, damaging or using programs without permission
  • Stealing information through unauthorized access
  • Cyberbullying, cyberstalking or online sexual assault
  • Using encryption to aid in the commission of a crime
  • Using a computer in a fraudulent scheme
  • Falsifying the source information of an email

It can be a lengthy and complex process to investigate computer crimes. During the investigative stage, you can move to protect your interests by developing a strong defensive strategy. With the assistance of an experienced Texas defense attorney and other experts, such as forensic technical specialists, it is possible to call the evidence into question and challenge the prosecution’s case.

A strong defense for a complex crime

You need a strong defense strategy if facing allegations of computer crimes. Starting with a thorough assessment of your case, you can take immediate steps to defend your future interests. Cases involving computer crimes are complex, and you will benefit from the help of a defense attorney who understands the law and can effectively protect you against state or federal charges. The stakes are high, but you do not have to face these charges alone.