How Can A Domestic Charge Affect Gun Owners?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Assault And Domestic Violence

A toxic relationship may involve many forms of abuse or violence. Some relationships’ unpredictability can create confusing interpersonal relationships that may cause uncertainty in reporting. Despite the situation, it is general wisdom that a domestic violence scenario can quickly escalate and become more dangerous with firearms in the home.

Understanding the implications for those in abusive relationships

Despite relatively relaxed gun ownership laws, Texas has several provisions for situations that involve domestic violence. Those suffering within a hostile relationship or former relationship must know the protections available around gun ownership. Here are how domestic violence convictions can alter eligibility for gun owners:

  • First, a judge must inform the person charged of the implications for gun ownership.
  • Even family violence misdemeanors punishable by a fine carry firearm prohibit firearm possession.
  • Violation of gun possession could result in an elevation from a Class C to Class A misdemeanor.
  • Those with felony convictions cannot own a firearm for five years following release or probation. Following this period, the person can only keep the gun in their home and not in other locations.
  • Both felony and domestic violence convictions are part of the public record.

Protecting your family

Despite these laws, Texas does not have explicit means of enforcing these rules. The guidelines do not provide for the removal of firearms from the scene of a domestic violence incident. The guidelines also do not necessarily accommodate verbal threats. Studies show a clear link in reducing intimate partner homicides amongst those who have had to turn in their guns. Protect yourself by learning more about the laws restricting firearm ownership for domestic abusers.