Man faces federal charges after police officer killed

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Federal Crimes

Families are often complex, and their disagreements can sometimes involve a great deal of emotion. However, it is rare that police officers need to become involved. Despite this, police say that a man in Texas now faces state and federal charges after police were allegedly met by gunfire when responding to a domestic incident.

The events that led to the charges against the man reportedly happened on a day in October. According to reports, there were two calls made by the defendant’s estranged wife in the days leading up to the incident. However, reports indicate that officers determined that no crime had occurred.

When officers were called to the area for the third time in days, they claim that they were met by gunfire. One police officer reportedly died in the incident, and another was injured. The defendant was reportedly in the hospital in the days following the incident.

The district attorney charged the man with capital murder, aggravated assault and attempted capital murder and reportedly plans to seek the death penalty. The accused faces additional federal charges of felon in possession of a firearm and alien in possession of a firearm. Unfortunately, many people in Texas who find themselves in a complicated legal situation may be unsure of how to respond to the allegations against them. Despite comments made by both state and federal prosecutors, those accused of a crime are presumed innocent unless sufficient evidence is provided in court that proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A professional with experience with similar cases can help those facing such charges carefully sort through the evidence and determine what response is most appropriate for the specific circumstances.