Police seek Texas woman allegedly involved in assault

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Assault And Domestic Violence

Raising children is never an easy undertaking, no matter how worthwhile. Even parents who are in a loving, committed relationship sometimes have trouble agreeing on how to best meet the needs of their children. Unfortunately, conflicts can occur even more often when the parents are no longer romantically involved. And even though violence is relatively rare in parental disagreements, a woman in Texas has recently been accused of being the aggressor in what reports are calling a domestic assault incident.

Reports indicate that police officers responded to the scene after being contacted during the early morning hours of a day in late September. According to reports, police say that a woman and a man with whom she shares children had a disagreement after the woman arrived at the alleged victim’s house with their children in the vehicle. It is unclear what the disagreement involved.

Unfortunately, police reports claim that the woman began beating the man with a bat at some point during the dispute. The suspect apparently left the area before police arrived at the scene as she has not yet been taking into custody. Police say that they have no updates on the woman’s location, and the case remains under investigation.

There is often always more to a story — especially one that involves allegations of criminal conduct — than what is reported by only one person involved. It may be difficult for a woman facing charges of aggravated assault to feel comfortable enough to come forward and respond to the accusations against her on her own. Often those in Texas facing criminal charges will seek advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them decide how to proceed and be by their side as they interact with law enforcement officers.

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