Computer crimes can carry serious consequences

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The term “computer crimes” is used to describe a very wide range of different crimes. Some computer crimes may be considered relatively minor, while other crimes are treated very seriously. Many carry felony charges that can result in long years in jail following a conviction.

Understanding the types of computer crimes that can lead to prosecution is one good way to stay out of trouble. It can also help you better understand any charges you may face.


Just like stalking in the physical world is a form of harassment, cyberstalking and cyberbullying can also be considered crimes. Any form of harassment that includes the use of electronic technology could be considered as such. Common forms of cyberbullying include the creation of fake profiles to spread defamatory information and abusive messages to are persistent and hurtful. Cyberstalking may involve the use of technology to keep tabs on someone or dominate their life through hidden means.

Stealing information or services

If you intentionally hack a website to wrongfully take information or services, you could be guilty of a computer crime. That includes things like illegally downloading movies, games, textbooks — not just “secret” information.

Introducing viruses

A serious type of computer crime is the act of introducing viruses onto computer systems. Similarly, using encryption in aid of a crime, or using a computer in a scheme to defraud can be charged as a computer crime.

If you are concerned about being accused of a computer crime, it is important that you are proactive in defending yourself against such charges. Taking early action could give you more time to properly execute a compelling defense.

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