Federal drug charges filed in Tyler Skaggs’s death

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Drug Charges

A person who is struggling with sobriety has to put a great deal of effort into making and following through with decisions that are healthy. Unfortunately, many people are unable to do this despite their efforts and desires. A representative for a man facing drug charges in the death of baseball player Tyler Skaggs claims that the defendant was facing issues with his own sobriety when the events preceding Skaggs’s death occurred in Texas.

Reports indicate that 27-year-old Skaggs died in July 2019. He allegedly passed away in a hotel room after consuming alcohol and opioids. The medical examiner’s office reported discovering oxymorphone, oxycodone and fentanyl in his system. Investigators claim that text messages on Skaggs’s phone indicate that the drugs were provided by a man who worked as the communications director for the professional baseball team that employed him.

Skaggs’s death prompted an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Investigators claim that the man now facing federal drug charges supplied others connected with the baseball team with pills containing fentanyl. He reportedly turned himself in after charges were filed.

If convicted of the drug charges of which he is charged, he could spend up to 50 years in prison. As a result of the Texas tragedy, the man must now make decisions that may alter the rest of his life. Specifically, he must decide how to respond the accusations against him, whether to fight the charges in court or accept a plea deal, if offered. Because many people feel unprepared to make these decisions on their own, he would likely value the advice that an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide.

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