Texas couple, employee accused of federal crimes

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Federal Crimes

For most homeowners in Texas, the loss of their home due to fire is likely one of the most devastating events that they can face. Unfortunately, for one couple, this loss was followed by an accusation that the fire occurred when one of the homeowners attempted to burn evidence after her husband was accused of federal crimes. Both the couple and an employee now face criminal charges.

Federal prosecutors have accused the couple of health care fraud aiding and abetting and conspiracy to commit health care fraud, resulting in a recent indictment. The husband reportedly owns the Texas Center for Orthopedic and Spinal Disorders. He is accused of filing over 100,000 claims to federal health care programs such as Medicare and Tricare for treatments that prosecutors describe as “sham.”

Prosecutors further state that the husband required patients to participate in unnecessary substance abuse programs and physical therapy in addition to forcing patients to undergo injections that were not needed in order to receive pain medication. A physical therapist who worked for the clinic is also accused of falsifying medical records. Reports claim that an Oct. 2017 fire that destroyed the couple’s home occurred after the wife left an outdoor fire — allegedly used to burn evidence related to the case — unattended.

Unfortunately, a case involving federal crimes such as this can be extremely complicated, leaving those facing such accusations confused about their options and concerned about their future. Often, these defendants want an experienced professional, dedicated to their best interests, on their side. Most feel better prepared to make informed decisions with a knowledgeable, aggressive criminal defense attorney working on their behalf.