2 Texas men face weapons charges, more

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Weapons Crimes

When a crime is reported, there is an understandable desire for law enforcement authorities to provide answers, often in the form of making an arrest. Despite this desire, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases in Texas, defendants are left to determine whether there is enough evidence to convict them of the charges they face. For example, two men in Texas are likely trying to decide how to respond to the weapons charges, among others, that they face.

Reports describe the two defendants in the case as “young men,” but their identities, including their ages, were not released in the immediate aftermath of their arrests. The charges against them stem from an incident that allegedly happened on a day in July. Reports indicate that police officers received a call about a robbery on a Saturday morning. Those involved allegedly pulled a gun on a homeowner before fleeing the scene in a sports car.

Law enforcement officers claim that because the incident happened at shift change, there were many officers available to respond. Police say they were ultimately able to locate the vehicle they believe was involved in the incident. A search is said to have revealed bullets and a clip in the vehicle; a gun was reportedly discovered in the bushes. Police believe that the suspects threw it out of the vehicle when they realized that police were in pursuit.

Reports indicate that two men face multiple charges. In addition to weapon charges, other crimes include tampering with evidence and failure to identify as a fugitive from justice. Unfortunately, many people in Texas who face such charges are unsure how to accurately evaluate the accusations — and supporting evidence — against them. As such, many need guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney to determine how to best respond.