You can take steps to get or keep a handgun license

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According to the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, you have the right to “keep and bear arms.” That does not mean that everyone who applies for a license to carry a handgun gets one. It also does not mean that you can keep your license if you violate Texas handgun laws.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will determine if you qualify for the license. Many applicants are denied. You can appeal that decision. You must understand the process if you believe your license application was unfairly denied or your license was revoked or suspended.

You must qualify for a license

There are age and residency requirements and you cannot be chemically dependent. You must be up to date on child support payments. The state will examine your criminal background. It will determine if you are able to exercise sound judgment in the storage and use of a gun.

You also must prove you completed handgun training and there will be a background check.

The state must act in good faith

The state is not supposed to deny you a license if you meet eligibility requirements and submit the necessary application materials. The decision cannot be impulsive or arbitrary.

The appeals process includes:

  • A written request for a hearing.
  • You must submit your request before the 30th day after you receive written notice.
  • The court will schedule an administrative hearing. Your license could be reinstated if the evidence does not support the denial, revocation or suspension.

The decision does not have to be final

You can challenge decisions if you were denied a license. You can also challenge the revocation or suspension of your license. You can appeal the decision if you feel you were not treated fairly. If you do not appeal, the decision could become irrevocable.