Social media posts lead to gun charges against Texas man

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Weapons Crimes

Social media has changed how people communicate with one another. In some cases, a person could make a comment by post meant in jest that someone else could take seriously; additionally, it is relatively easy for someone to create a fake account in someone else’s name. In fact, reports indicate that a social media post reported to federal law enforcement officials has recently led to the arrest of a Texas man on gun charges.

Reports indicate that the 29-year-old man lives in an area close to a Walmart where a gunman killed multiple people. The former allegedly posted pictures of a gun with content that some may have considered a threat. Federal officials obtained a search warrant after receiving a tip about the post.

As a result, they searched the home of the man believed to have made the post. They claim to have discovered a “cache” of weapons. This allegedly included a machine gun among others. Reports state that the man was convicted of drug charges in 2012.

The incident has left the man facing several gun charges, including possession of a machine gun and firearm and ammunition as a convicted felon. While it is important to examine all cases for unlawful actions on the part of law enforcement officers, taking such action may be especially critical in a case such as this. Because many people in Texas facing criminal charges feel they do not have the necessary experience to recognize and appropriately respond to such treatment, they often feel more comfortable asking an experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to their best interests to look over the details of their case.