Search of Texas home leads to drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Drug Charges

For many people in Texas and across the country, the prospect of law enforcement officers entering their homes and conducting searches is terrifying. Additionally, many people are unsure of their legal options, potentially resulting in them providing information without the benefit of legal counsel. For example, a woman was recently arrested and faces drug charges following a search of her residence.

The woman’s arrest came after members of the local police department’s Financial Crime Unit conducted a search with a knock and announce warrant in conjunction with the FBI. It is unclear why the warrant was originally issued. Investigators claim that while searching for the items listed in the warrant, they discovered a container in a kitchen cabinet that they say contained a white substance.

Law enforcement officers claim that the container contained 0.19 grams of methamphetamine. Officers further assert that the woman stated that she was aware of the presence of the drug and that she uses it. It is unclear if those performing the search found the items for which the search warrant was issued.

As a result of the alleged discovery, the woman is now facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance under one gram. She remained in police custody in the days after her arrest. Unfortunately, the prospect of responding to drug charges and other criminal accusations can be daunting, especially for people in Texas with no legal experience. Because of this, there are experienced professionals who can help from the earliest stages of a case, including before an arrest occurs.