PERSUASIVE: Texas attorney provides help with criminal immigration cases

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Criminal Immigration

Many people living in the United States would likely argue that this country offers a variety of different opportunities for those living here — opportunities that may not be as readily available in other countries. As such, many living in Texas are actually from all over the world who have moved in the search of a new, better life. Often, those people who live here but are not citizens need assistance from an attorney with experience related to criminal immigration, the intersection of both criminal and immigration law.

Unfortunately, a consequence of a conviction for some people could result in deportation depending on their immigration status. For many, this could result into the return to a country that has not been their home in years, perhaps even for the majority of their lives. Additionally, deportation can ultimately be the cause of familial separation.

Criminal immigration, also known as crimmigration, encompasses a variety of different types of cases. Fortunately, the firm of Sally Goodman Law has experience with a variety of different types, including providing assistance with forms and applications, deportation hearings, and providing defense services related to serious criminal charges. Immigrants who are facing criminal accusations may not fully realize that they are afforded the same Constitutional rights as citizens, or if they do realize they have the same rights, they may be unable to recognize unlawful treatment if it occurs.

In the domain of criminal immigration law, the consequences of a conviction can be devastating. As such, many faces legal issues in Texas seek guidance from Sally Goodman Law. Our attorney is committed to advocating for immigrants and has successfully defended clients in criminal cases, preventing their deportation.