Federal charges for man in Texas drug smuggling case

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Federal Crimes

The laws and expectations of the United States can be overwhelming regardless of the situation but may seem especially so for those who are not from the country. Because of this, people who are facing federal charges may be unsure of how to appropriately respond to the accusations against them. As such, many who are in Texas facing such charges want a professional on their side who is dedicated to their best interests.

For example, a man who is from out of the country may be unsure of how to proceed following his recent arrest. Federal authorities claim that the 27-year-old man smuggled liquid methamphetamine into the county in a tire inside of a trailer. Reports indicate that the tire contained over 50 kilograms of meth in liquid form. Officials believe that in Nov. 2019, the man entered the country and delivered the tire before returning to his country.

The man reportedly tried to return to the United States in March 2020 at which time he was arrested. Officials also canceled his visa. He now faces charges of conspiracy and importation of meth.

If he is convicted of the federal charges that he is facing, he could spend over 10 years behind bars and face a fine of $10 million. There are experienced attorneys in Texas who are committed to helping those in a similar situation as this man fully understand their legal options. Professionals who are aggressive in court, professional and devoted to their clients can help defendants feel less anxiety about their situation and their ability to make informed decisions.