3 face criminal charges in Texas armored robbery

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Many people who face criminal charges feel overwhelmed with their situation. Without experience with the criminal justice system, defendants may feel unsure about their options and the potential outcomes of each. For example, three people in Texas who are now facing accusations that they committed federal crimes could spend decades behind bars if convicted of the charges of which they are accused.

The charges against the three stem from an alleged robbery of an armored truck in Dec. 2019. According to federal law enforcement officers, the three defendants, along with others whose names were not included in reports about the indictment handed down in early May, conducted surveillance of an armored vehicle. Officials claim that surveillance footage and cellphone trackers, among other evidence, supports these claims against the trio.

On the day of the alleged robbery, federal investigators believe that four people approached the driver of the vehicle while the vehicle was stopped a bank. Reports indicate that those involved in the robbery threatened the driver and demanded access to the vehicle. One of the three who were recently indicated allegedly set the vehicle on fire after the robbery occurred.

The three defendants are now charged with interference with commerce by robbery, conspiracy to interfere with commerce and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence; prosecutors report that if convicted of all the charges, each could be sentenced to 47 years in prison. It is unclear if any other people are expected to be charged in connection with the alleged incident. Regardless of the claims made by prosecutors, the three are presumed to be innocent and can only be convicted if there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because of the potential consequences of a conviction of federal crimes, defendants in Texas typically want a professional on their side who is dedicated to their best interests and is willing to fight aggressively on their behalf.

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