Mailbox vandalism is a federal crime

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Federal Crimes

If an officer catches your teenager smashing or blowing up mailboxes with friends, you may chalk their actions up to juvenile high jinks. Yet, failing to give their behavior a second though could come with serious consequences. Vandalizing mailboxes is a federal crime. And the charges that come with it could impact your teenager’s education or employment plans.

Why is mailbox vandalism a serious crime?

Because federal law protects mailboxes, damaging them constitutes a federal crime. But your teenager may consider their actions a small deal. And they may argue that the people whose mailboxes they smashed or blew up can go out and buy new ones. Yet, beyond homeowners, only mail carriers have the legal authority to touch mailboxes and their contents. Furthermore, many people rely on the United States Postal Service to send and receive important documents and payments. If someone damages their mailbox, this impacts their ability to perform essential tasks.

What are the penalties for mailbox vandalism?

Your teenager may plan on heading to college or joining the workforce soon. Yet, they may have trouble doing so, since damaging mailboxes will remain on their record. Furthermore, your child could face up to three years in prison for their actions. Or, they may have to pay a fine of up to $250,000, in addition to any damages their actions led to.

Damaging mailboxes may seem like a minor act of vandalism. But your teenager could face serious consequences for the destruction they caused. An attorney with federal crimes experience can guide your teenager through their charges and help get their future back on track.