Don’t jeopardize career with domestic violence conviction

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Firm News

Domestic violence is no longer a dirty little secret. The public is very much aware of the problem, and this has colored employers’ attitudes toward employees and applicants who have convictions for domestic violence on their records.

In fact, for some positions and industries, simply being arrested on charges of domestic violence is enough to result in termination from the job. Teachers, health care professionals, social workers, law enforcement personnel and others may lose lucrative positions after being arrested for domestic violence against a spouse or intimate partner.

Will my employer find out?

Decades ago, before computers and the internet became ubiquitous to our society, it may have been possible to hide a domestic violence conviction from an employer, especially if it occurred in another region or state. But now, computer databases for law enforcement and courts are accessible during a simple background check.

Simply failing to mention a conviction on an application can be grounds for termination from a job or the reason not to hire the applicant. So, this is not a good route to go down.

All hope is not lost after being arrested on domestic violence charges

Don’t feel as if you are doomed to a life of low-paying jobs because your spouse or partner pressed charges on you. You can still turn this situation around if you remain proactive after your arrest.

Never count on convincing the alleged victim to drop the charges. Not only could this lead to additional charges if the complainant sought and obtained a restraining order against you, but even if the individual drops the charges, the state can still pick them up. This is very common in the Texas courts and the state will continue with their prosecution even without the victim’s cooperation.

Protect your earning power

Realize that your career — your very livelihood — hangs in the balance. Begin work immediately to build a robust defense to the allegations. Domestic violence charges require a great deal of finesse to defend so as not to appear to re-victimize the complainant. Your criminal defense attorney can review the circumstances of your case and devise a way to paint you in the best possible light.