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November 2019 Archives

Probation violations can happen for many reasons in Texas

Having the option to be on probation instead of going to jail can seem like a second chance for those accused of criminal offenses in Texas. Probation is a far better alternative to incarceration for many, but it is a process that is deceptively difficult to complete.

Types of online and social media fraud

As social media channels continue to become increasingly popular and widespread among different demographics, there are more opportunities for criminal activity to take place. Many people who engage in fraudulent activity online believe that since they are operating under an anonymous alias, they will never be held responsible for their behavior.

The elements to the crime of tampering with evidence

Almost any object or material can have the potential to serve as evidence in a crime. This does not mean that destroying or otherwise tampering with any object could be enough to warrant an accusation of tampering with evidence. To be charged with tampering with evidence, you must know that the evidence was suspected of being involved with a crime, and have the intention to alter it due to this knowledge.

What is the purpose of drug courts in Texas?

Many states will consider alternative methods when dealing with minor drug charges. Due to the overwhelming prison population across the United States and the alarming rate of repeat offenses, drug courts offer a way to provide consequences for an offender while aiming to prevent them from breaking the law in the future.

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