What are the common types of probation violations?

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Probation is a sentence that is often given to offenders as an alternative to jail time. The sentence allows the offender to live their normal life in society to a certain extent, but it limits the activities they can take part in.

Every probation sentence has tailored rules and regulations that must be followed by the offender. Some require that the offender stays away from illegal drugs, and frequent drug tests will be demanded to verify whether this rule is being followed. Other probation sentences may ban a person from a certain place or demand that they be home before a certain time. The following are some of the most common types of probation violations.

Missing appointments or court hearings

Those undergoing probation will have to meet their probation officers regularly. They may also need to attend court hearings so that progress can be reviewed. If these appointments are missed, this constitutes a probation violation.

Not being employed or enrolled in education

Some probation sentences require that offenders get a job or enroll in educational classes within a reasonable amount of time. If no effort is made to achieve this, it could count as a probation violation.

Visiting a place or person off-limits

It’s important that if you follow the terms of your probation, and that you stay away from certain people and places if it requires.

You should make every effort to follow the terms of your probation. Probation should be counted as a blessing because it is an alternative to jail time. Even the most mundane probation violation could lead you to face jail time.

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