What are the most common probation violations?

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If you have been charged with a crime, you may have been ordered to be on probation for a certain amount of time. Probation is often a more lenient alternative to jail time; therefore, you should make sure that you complete probation successfully in order to avoid adverse legal consequences.

Many people are confused about what they can and cannot do when that is subject to probation. Every probation is different, therefore you will need to do research into your own specific probation. However, there are several very common actions that lead to a probation violation. By becoming aware of these, you can avoid making these mistakes and facing the consequences.

Visiting certain people or places

Your probation terms may have included avoiding certain people and places. These people and places may be directly related to the crime that you previously committed. It is important that you abide by this limitation for the duration of your probation because failing to do so could lead to jail time.

Not completing community service

If you have been ordered to complete community service, you must see this as a duty, rather than an optional endeavor. If you do not complete community service, you will face further consequences that can prevent you from moving past your probation.

Not attending mandatory appointments

Supervised probation requires that you meet with your probation officer regularly. Failing to do so will be considered to be a probation violation.

If you are worried that you have violated your probation, or if you want to defend yourself from an accusation of a probation violation, it is important to take swift action.

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