How a felony conviction affects your immigration status

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If you are an immigrant in the United States, your right to reside in the country is not guaranteed under all circumstances. Therefore, if you are accused of a felony, you may be at risk of facing deportation. This is why it is especially vital that you take a criminal accusation very seriously as an immigrant. By successfully defending yourself, you may be able to prevent deportation to your country of origin.

If you have been convicted of a felony, the consequences that it will have on your right to remain in the United States will depend on your immigration status. The following are the implications that immigrants face according to their status after a felony conviction.

Legal permanent residents

Legal permanent residents may face deportation under some circumstances, but if they are not deported, it is likely that they will never be able to become a naturalized citizen. Additionally, legal permanent residents who are deported will face up to 20 years imprisonment if they try to reenter the country.


Asylees will likely only be deported if they committed an aggravated felony. However, any felony may affect their ability to become a legal permanent resident.


Refugees will probably be subject to deportation to their country of origin regardless of the danger that they might face. This is why an aggressive defense of the felony accusation is so important.

Temporary lawful immigrants

Holders of nonimmigrant visas will face the prospect of losing their right to remain in the United States due to a felony conviction.

Undocumented immigrants

Undocumented immigrants do not legally have the right to reside in the United States. Therefore, even a minor crime could lead to their deportation.

How can I defend myself from deportation?

It can be possible to successfully defend yourself from deportation as an immigrant in the United States. You can do so by challenging to removal based on constitutional or procedural grounds. You will have the best chance of doing so by fully understanding how the law applies to you.

You should start planning a defense to a felony accusation in Texas at the earliest opportunity, especially if you are an immigrant. By doing so, you will have the best possible chance of avoiding deportation.

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