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What is the definition of domestic abuse?

Contrary to popular belief, domestic abuse can happen to people of all ages and all genders. Domestic abuse does not always occur within the bounds of a romantic relationship either. It is defined by occurring in a domestic setting, not in a romantic setting. This means that domestic assault can occur between roommates, spouses or between parent and child.

What are the most common probation violations?

If you have been charged with a crime, you may have been ordered to be on probation for a certain amount of time. Probation is often a more lenient alternative to jail time; therefore, you should make sure that you complete probation successfully in order to avoid adverse legal consequences.

How a felony conviction affects your immigration status

If you are an immigrant in the United States, your right to reside in the country is not guaranteed under all circumstances. Therefore, if you are accused of a felony, you may be at risk of facing deportation. This is why it is especially vital that you take a criminal accusation very seriously as an immigrant. By successfully defending yourself, you may be able to prevent deportation to your country of origin.

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