Dealing with an accusation of domestic violence

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Domestic violence is often thought of as abuse that is perpetrated by one person and aimed at their romantic partner. While this is an example of domestic violence, there are many other examples. Generally speaking, domestic violence is classed as any type of abuse or violence that takes place in the family dynamic or within a household.

If you have been accused of domestic violence in the state of Texas, it is important that you take this accusation very seriously indeed. Being charged with domestic violence can lead to far-reaching, long-term consequences, and it could lead to losing custody of your children, as well as potential jail time.

Can a person be charged with domestic violence even if no physical abuse took place?

Domestic violence does not need to be physical. It can take the form of any type of oppression, imprisonment or control of a person. For example, a person abusing another emotionally might use verbal techniques to try and deflate their self-worth or even make them feel suicidal. In addition, economic abuse is a type of domestic violence, and this includes the perpetrator causing the victim to be completely financially reliant.

How can I defend myself against a domestic violence accusation?

It is very important that you take action straight away in order to form your defense. Accusations of domestic violence can result from a drunken argument in which no crime was committed. You may be able to cite a lack of proof as a compelling defense.

Make sure that you understand how the law works in Texas if you have been accused of domestic violence or abuse.

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