Did your spouse make false domestic violence allegations?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2018 | Assault And Domestic Violence

Have you been accused of domestic violence even though you did nothing wrong? Did your spouse make up these allegations?

This may sound like an uncommon nightmare scenario to find yourself in, but experts warn that this happens in many cases when a couple decides to split up. The divorce grows exceedingly complicated when criminal allegations enter the picture.

Why would your spouse lie about abuse or domestic violence? It could happen if you asked for the divorce and your spouse feels vindictive. They didn’t want the marriage to end and are looking for a way to make your life worse.

Many times, though, it has to do with children. Your spouse may be attempting to turn the kids against you or get full custody, cutting you out of their lives.

Courts tend not to favor giving 100 percent legal and physical custody to one parent over the other. They generally want to award shared custody if possible.

However, real accounts of abuse or violence, especially against children, often lead to sole custody decisions. If that is all that your spouse wants, they may resort to false allegations, which the court has to take seriously. Not only could you be in legal trouble, but a ruling against you could make it hard for you to ever see your children again.

If this happens to you, it is absolutely crucial that you know what defense options you have and what your rights are. This is a complicated, delicate situation. You have to understand how to move forward and protect your future.

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