When it comes to theft laws, guns are treated differently

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Weapons Crimes

Being accused of any type of theft can open the door to serious consequences. The situation can be especially severe though if a person is accused of stealing a firearm. This is because guns are given special treatment under Texas theft laws.

For most types of property, if the property’s value is low enough, being accused of stealing it can be a misdemeanor rather than a felony. For example, generally, theft of property under $2,500 is a misdemeanor here in Texas.

However, guns are among the exceptions to this. Under state law, theft of a firearm is a state jail felony, no matter how low the value of the gun. While a state jail felony is the least severe of the main felony classes in Texas, it still carries significant penalties.

The minimum jail sentence for this class of felony is 180 days, while the maximum is two years. Meanwhile, the maximum fine that can be given is $10,000. This is considerably higher than the penalties that can be given for misdemeanors.

So, theft crime cases can take on especially high stakes when the property that was allegedly stolen was a firearm. This can raise special issues for suspects accused of such theft when it comes to defense strategy. So, having a strategy well-tailored to the situation can be very important for individuals facing charges of stealing firearms. Skilled weapons crimes defense attorneys understand this, and can help individuals facing such charges here in Texas understand their options and address the specific issues and concerns related to their case.

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