One word that drastically impacts a drug trafficking case

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Drug Charges

If you have been accused of drug trafficking, it’s important to know exactly what that charge means in Texas. Technically, it means that you knowingly transported and delivered a controlled substance or illicit drug in violation of the Texas Controlled Substances Act.

Trafficking is not just the use or even the sale of drugs. It is the movement of those drugs — sometimes across state lines.

There is one significant word that makes a drastic difference in your case. It is the word knowingly. Your intent matters. You knowledge matters. You must purposefully try to transport those drugs and violate the law, with knowledge of what you’re doing at the time.

For instance, you could be accused of drug trafficking if a friend asks you to pick up a car in New Mexico and drive it to Texas, but the car has a bag full of controlled substances in the trunk. Your friend doesn’t tell you this, however — just asking you to do them a favor. You may be able to shake the charges on the grounds that you had no idea you were smuggling drugs, you did not put them in the trunk, and you would never have driven the car if you had known.

If your friend told you what was in that bag in advance, however, then the charges may stick. It demonstrates that you voluntarily broke the law with full knowledge of what you were doing.

If you’ve been charged with this crime, be sure you know all of your legal defense options when facing drug charges of any type.