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What are the common types of probation violations?

Probation is a sentence that is often given to offenders as an alternative to jail time. The sentence allows the offender to live their normal life in society to a certain extent, but it limits the activities they can take part in.

Every probation sentence has tailored rules and regulations that must be followed by the offender. Some require that the offender stays away from illegal drugs, and frequent drug tests will be demanded to verify whether this rule is being followed. Other probation sentences may ban a person from a certain place or demand that they be home before a certain time. The following are some of the most common types of probation violations.

Defending yourself against assault after a bar fight

When a disagreement occurs in a bar or club, things can escalate quickly. It's easy to react to violent situations with considerable force; it's our natural instinct to want to protect ourselves and the people we care about. If a fight occurred in a bar and club and you have been accused of assault, it is important that you understand the definition of assault under the law and that you take action to defend yourself.

To be charged with assault, a person does not need to have caused injury to another person. They need to have acted with threatening behavior that created a reasonable fear of harm in the victim. Showing that you did not cause injury is not a viable defense. The following are some possible defenses, however.

What are the laws on marijuana in Texas?

Many states across the U.S. have become more lenient when it comes to the use and possession of marijuana. However, Texas laws remain largely unchanged, with the exception of allowing the use of low-THC cannabis oil in certain medical circumstances.

Being found in possession of even a small amount of marijuana in Texas could lead to serious legal consequences. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly where the law stands when it comes to the possession and sale of marijuana so that you know what to expect if you face charges.

Defending yourself against aggravated assault in Texas

When a person is said to have assaulted a person or several people, this means that they attempted to cause injury. In many situations, a person does not need to have physically caused harm to be accused of assault. A threat of injury that includes violence or force can be enough to cause a person to be found guilty of assault.

A person can be charged with aggravated assault when they act on a more reckless or dangerous level. For example, the presence of a deadly weapon in the assault will cause it to be defined as an aggravated assault. Additionally, an assault that happens in a person's home is usually treated as an aggravated assault.

Worrying about being reported as an undocumented immigrant

If you are an undocumented immigrant in the United States, you may feel that you are unable to live a full life because of the persistent worry about deportation or about being "found out." Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deals with issues surrounding alleged illegal immigration.

If someone has threatened to report you to ICE, or you believe that you are at risk of being reported to ICE, it is important to know how to react. By being prepared and understanding your rights, you will be able to do what you can to protect yourself and your family.

What do defendants need to know about plea bargains?

One of the ways that criminal justice cases are handled is through a plea deal. For the prosecutor, this enables them to free up valuable assets for other clients. For the defendant, there is some measure of control over the outcome of the criminal case.

The plea deal is usually handled early. There are several things that can go into these agreements, so it is imperative that defendants carefully consider each point. Look at all impacts the arrangement will have on your life.

What actions are considered kidnapping under the law?

Kidnapping is a very serious federal crime. If you have been accused of kidnapping, you should take the time to understand the elements of the crime. While most cases of kidnapping are dealt with on a state level, federal charges can be brought if the alleged kidnapping involved crossing state lines.

Parents can often be falsely accused of kidnapping their child by the other parent. Kidnapping accusations can also occur alongside other criminal allegations. Let's look at the definition of the crime of kidnapping as well as the possible defense options.

What happens when probation is violated?

Being on probation is usually an alternative to jail time, so it should be counted as a blessing. It does require many things of the person who has been put on probation, however. They are usually subject to frequent drug tests, and they tend to require that you stay within your state, avoiding certain people or places.

If you have been accused of violating your probation in Texas, you have the chance to prove that this accusation is unfounded. However, in doing so, you will have to follow the process. Therefore, you must learn more about what happens after a person is accused of violating their probation.

Regulations on owning and carrying weapons in Texas

Texas gun laws are notoriously liberal. While Texas is arguably one of the most liberal states when it comes to gun regulations, this does not mean that the regulations can be ignored. As a Texas gun owner, it is important that you take the regulations that are in place seriously because if you do not, it is likely that you will face severe consequences.

The best way to avoid breaking gun laws and facing the consequences is by taking the time to understand the laws in place. The following are some of the key regulations that you should be aware of.

Claiming self-defense after an assault accusation

When an argument occurs and emotions are high, it can be difficult to establish who acted first. Violence is never an appropriate response to verbal abuse, but sometimes it is necessary to use physical force to protect yourself.

If you have been accused of assault in Texas, you may want to claim that you were acting in self-defense to explain why your actions were legitimate given the circumstances. Before doing this, it is important that you understand how the law works regarding claiming self-defense.

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