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Defending yourself against a probation violation

If you have been accused of violating your probation, it is likely that you will face jail time or a heavy fine as a result. Probation violation accusations can be false, or there may be an adequate defense that you can use in your situation. This is why it is important to consider challenging the accusation.

If you break the terms of your probation or appear to, you could face consequences. These terms will differ depending on your specific circumstances, but they will likely include avoiding visiting certain people and places, being home before a certain time in the evening and avoiding using, possessing or selling drugs. Sometimes, that prohibition includes alcohol as well.

Creative accounting may leave you vulnerable to criminal charges

White collar crime often goes unreported by the mainstream media. There is little exciting or attention-grabbing in stories about someone altering their business records to avoid certain taxes or engaging in fraudulent billing practices intended to defraud government insurance programs. News programs will focus on "exciting" stories, such as violent crimes or celebrity divorces.

Because these crimes receive less coverage than violent crimes, many people may mistakenly believe that they won't face criminal consequences for fraud and various white collar crimes. In reality, everything from tax evasion to Medicare and Medicaid fraud can and does result in criminal prosecutions across Texas every month.

Claiming self-defense as a response to an assault accusation

It can be very scary to be faced with criminal charges, especially when the events leading up to the accusation became out of control quickly. Bar fights and other situations where people are accused of assault can escalate in seconds, and it can often be near-impossible to establish who was at fault.

If you know that you did not initiate any violence and acted purely to protect yourself from harm, you will have the opportunity to explain your version of events. Make sure that you do not delay action in forming your defense in Texas, because developing a successful argument can take time.

Reacting to a federal drug trafficking charge

If you have been accused of drug trafficking, you will know that the consequences of this on a federal level are extremely serious. It is important that you understand the penalties that you could be subject to as a result of the charge, and that you understand how the crime of drug trafficking is defined.

Being in possession of a drug is a relatively mild crime in comparison with any involvement of manufacturing, trafficking or dispensing a drug. This is because the federal government wants to stop the availability and movement of drugs, and a way to do this is to heavily penalize those who facilitate drug sales.

How can drug crimes affect a college student's future?

Nobody wants to be hauled into jail on a drug charge, but it happens. Maybe it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe it was a single bad decision, whatever the reason, hundreds of thousands of college students find themselves in the backs of squad cars on drug charges each academic year.

Many students don’t realize how serious being conviction of a drug crime is. They try to laugh it off or say that partying is part of the college experience. The reality is that even a single conviction on a drug charge can dry up financial aid or even shut the doors to college entirely.

When is cyberbullying a crime?

When a person teases or consistently offends or intimidates another in person, it is known as bullying. The act of bullying often is seen as synonymous with the behavior of school-age children and can be considered as harmless. However, this is simply not the case. Bullying can be perpetrated by a person of any age, and it is very rarely harmless. It can also be a crime under many circumstances.

As the name suggests, cyberbullying is the act of bullying in an online environment. This behavior has become increasingly prevalent in the online space in recent years, and the anonymity that the perpetrator feels can give them an incentive to act in more extreme ways, because they may feel that they can do anything without facing the consequences of their actions. However, cyberbullying is a crime, and legal consequences can be faced.

Is a hate crime a federal or state offense?

Most crimes in the U.S. are prosecuted on the state level under state laws. This includes hate crimes and each state has its own version of hate crime legislation. There are also federal hate crime laws, but unless the circumstances are extraordinary, federal officials usually defer to their state counterparts.

Hate crimes themselves are considered “penalty enhancements” in which state and federal prosecutors can charge a person with an additional penalty that adds to the punishment. For example, a misdemeanor assault can be elevated to a felony charge with greater punishment if prosecutors add a hate crime charge.

What are the laws on weapons in Texas?

Texas is known for its relatively unrestricted laws regarding gun control and the possession of weapons. However, there are still limits to what types of weapons are legal to own or carry.

It is vital that any weapons owner who is in the state of Texas, whether residing there or driving across the state line, understand the restrictions regarding gun and weapon control.

Will I go to prison if I have violated parole?

If you are on parole in the state of Texas, it is likely that you will be worried about violating your parole and going to prison as a result. If you have been accused of violating your parole or you want to know what will happen if you are accused of violating it in the future, it is important that you understand how the law works in the state of Texas.

The terms of parole will vary significantly from person to person. However, it is very important that you stick to these terms if you do not want to face severe consequences. Just because you are accused of a parole violation, however, does not mean that you will be automatically convicted.

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