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What qualifies as a probation violation?

Sometimes the rules surrounding probation can be confusing, as can the process that surrounds probation violations. This is why it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specific terms and conditions of your probation, so you are less likely to violate your probation by mistake. It may also be advantageous for you to understand what may happen after a probation violation and what your rights are in that situation.

It is considered a probation violation if you do not abide by the terms or conditions of your probation. Some examples of probation violations may include:

  • Committing crimes or offenses
  • Getting arrested for any offense
  • Not reporting to your probation officer
  • Missing a scheduled court appearance
  • Not paying fines or restitution
  • Traveling out of state without permission

Understanding federal drug laws for cocaine

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug, and this is why it has been made illegal under federal law. If you were found to be in the possession of cocaine in the state of Texas, it is important that you understand both the federal and state laws on cocaine. By doing so, you will be prepared to adequately defend yourself.

The severity of the consequences for having cocaine on your possession will depend largely on the amount of the drug that you were found to have. The amount found can also change your charge from a drug possession charge to a drug sales charge based on the assumption that you were selling the drug.

Understanding child kidnapping charges in Texas

Kidnapping can occur in many contexts, from a parent taking a child away from the other custodian, to an adult forcibly holding another adult hostage for personal gain. In the vast majority of cases, those accused of kidnapping may be able to use the law to show that the situation was different from how it was perceived by another party.

For example, a parent may have a good reason for taking the child away from the other custodian. Perhaps he or she had reason to believe that they were in danger, and in taking the child, they believed that they were doing the responsible thing. They may be facing a kidnapping accusation regardless and will then need to defend themselves.

Police use drug identification tests with high margins of error

The New York Times recently covered a story about a Georgia woman who spent three months in jail after police pulled her boyfriend over and misidentified melted cotton candy for methamphetamine. This situation highlights an ongoing problem: field drug identification test errors. It is for this reason that you should not rush to accept a plea deal if accused of drug possession charges. Police have misidentified chocolate chip cookies, tortillas, breath mints, and Tylenol as illegal drugs. If the substance is not verified in a laboratory setting, you could be living with a felony conviction for a crime you did not commit.

Examining the unlawful possession of a firearm in Texas

The state of Texas has laws in place that help to prevent people from possessing weapons, such as firearms, if they have convictions on their records. Today, we will take a look at the charge of unlawful possession of a firearm in Texas so you know whether or not you are allowed to have a gun or other firearm.

Have you recently been convicted in a domestic violence case? If so, you probably can't own a firearm. It is against Texas law to possess a firearm within the first five years of being released from supervision or from a prison sentence that was the result of a domestic violence conviction even if it was a misdemeanor.

How will drug crimes affect my child’s future?

Teens and college students enjoy experimenting with drugs and alcohol, even if it is illegal. However, they may not know that drug possession carries high penalties in Texas.

If the police found your child with drugs, such as marijuana, in their possession, they are not alone. In 2017, there were over 650,000 individuals arrested for marijuana violations, with around 90 percent of the violations for possession. What consequences will they face and how will it affect their life plans?

What can happen if you violate probation?

A probation violation is a serious issue that thousands of people face each year. When people are placed on probation or released on probation from jail, they are expected to follow a certain set of rules to remain free. If they violate any of these rules and are caught, they could wind up back in jail for an extended period. Let's take a look at what happens if you violate probation.

Once a probation violation has been discovered, there is no set rule regarding what should happen next. It all depends on the type of violation. Further, the probation officer has some discretion in determining the consequences. For example, the officer is allowed to issue you a warning or could force you to make a court appearance for a probation hearing. If you are asked to make a court appearance, the officer will likely suggest a punishment that could include more time in jail.

Is your child facing drug charges? Here’s what you should do

There is no worse feeling than finding out your child has been charged with a drug-related crime. Whether the charges are for possession, selling or manufacturing, your child is likely facing serious legal consequences.

If your child has been charged with a drug-related crime, take the following steps to help him or her maintain a clean criminal record:

2 teens are arrested for smuggling 2 immigrants into Dallas

Two 19-year-year-old San Antonio residents were arrested on suspicion of attempting to smuggle two immigrants into Dallas on Oct. 8.

The pair was taken into custody after McLennan County sheriff's deputies pulled over their Dodge Avenger as they drove it along Interstate 35. A police spokesperson says that the two teens were stopped just as they were reaching Bellmead, a city that sits to the north of Waco, because their vehicle had expired tags.

What defines a pyramid scheme?

The U.S. is overflowing with individuals who harbor an entrepreneurial spirit. Startups and small business owners often start from nothing and work their way up the ladder. Even with passion, hard work and determination, there is no guarantee for success. Taking a step back, what happens when people decide to begin at the top?

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