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When is self-defense an appropriate argument against assault?

If you are facing charges of assault and battery or aggravated assault, you are right to worry about the consequences of a conviction. However, a conviction should not be a foregone conclusion. You still have the right to build a robust defense against the charges.

One avenue to explore might be self-defense. This will not be an appropriate option in all circumstances, but your North Texas criminal defense attorney may decide to explore this possibility.

Deportation is a real consequence of violating the law

If you're an immigrant in this country that doesn't yet have permanent residency then it's likely that your ability to remain here isn't guaranteed. You could have your visa revoked at any point. This is especially the case if you are convicted of a crime of moral turpitude.

A crime of moral turpitude is broadly defined as some type of degenerate conduct or corruption that goes against public norms. The U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs simply describes crimes of moral turpitude as any offense that aims to defraud, steal from or harm others.

Drug hair tests can work for 90 days

Many drug tests are urine tests. They typically only work for a few days. Some drugs can only be detected the following day. Others stay for a couple of days or, generally speaking, a week at most.

However, it is important to remember that urine tests are not the only types of tests you can take. When using hair follicle tests, they can give results for about three months, or 90 days.

155 kilos of meth found after traffic stop

What at first appeared to be a simple traffic stop in Texas turned into a major drug bust in which authorities claim they found more than 155 kilos of meth.

The initial traffic stop happened on Beltway 8, in the 6100 block. Reports did not indicate why the police stopped the car, but only that they did. In the course of that stop, they then found meth in the car. They say it came to about 17 kilos in total.

Can I be charged for owning drug paraphernalia?

Those who are found with illegal drugs on their person can expect to face criminal charges. However, if you were searched by the police and drugs were not found but drug paraphernalia was found, you may be surprised to know that you may also face criminal charges.

If you are worried about the legal consequences of owning any type of drug paraphernalia, you must pay close attention to both federal laws and the law in Texas.

What counts as domestic violence?

It is thought that one in three women will suffer from domestic violence at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, some of the most pervasive acts of violence occur in intimate relationships, and they can be more destructive because the victim may feel that they have no way to escape the situation that they are in.

While women tend to be most likely to suffer domestic violence, it can happen to anyone. Domestic violence is not always physical, and it does not always involve a romantic partner. The following is an overview of how domestic violence is defined under the law.

Help your child overcome drug possession charges

It's easy for children to fall into the wrong crowd. Just the same, good kids make poor decisions every now and again. Unfortunately, depending on the circumstances, one bad decision can result in serious trouble with the law.

If your child is charged with drug possession, it's important that you don't leave it to them to figure things out. Without the appropriate direction, it's possible they could make a decision that affects their ability to reduce or eliminate their punishment.

If you're a felon, can you own a gun?

Illegally owning a firearm -- or possessing it, even if someone else technically owns it -- can lead to serious criminal charges. If you are a felon, for instance, federal law bars you from possessing a firearm, as does state law in Texas.

That said, there are ways to own a firearm legally, without committing weapons crimes. It is a bit complicated and will not work for everyone, but it is worth considering.

What kinds of crimes can impact your Texas immigration case?

One of the reasons that the federal government screens potential immigrants is to ensure that the people who come into the country will benefit the population of the nation, not cause problems for people who are already citizens. That concern is why the visa application process typically involves a thorough background check, medical examination and vaccinations.

All of the restrictions around visas help protect the American public from dangerous immigrants who could pose a public safety concern due to ties that they have to terrorist organizations or public health risks they could cause due to uncontrolled pathogens in their bloodstreams. It also reduces the risk of immigrants needing state aid when they first arrive.

Is is a crime to bring or ship medical marijuana into Texas?

Starting in Colorado but rapidly spreading to other states, recreational marijuana legalization has drastically changed cultural attitudes about marijuana over the last decade. Widespread use of marijuana has opened more people's eyes to its potential medical uses and lack of overdose risk, unlike alcohol.

Not that long ago, most people strongly agreed that marijuana deserved its Schedule 1 status as a very dangerous drug with no medical benefits. Now, with legalization showing very few negative impacts and CBD having become one of the most popular alternative health treatments available, more people than ever before think of marijuana as something relatively safe and even potentially medically beneficial.

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