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When you are pulled over for drunken driving, you are asked to take a Breathalyzer or Intoxilyzer breath test. The test proves to be a real Catch-22 because no matter what you decide — to take the test (and fail) or to refuse it — you risk losing your driving license.

If you might be intoxicated (have at least .08 percent alcohol in your blood), you may wish to consider refusing to give either a breath and/or blood test. While the penalty for refusing a breath and/or blood test can be 180 days for a first offense, it may be advantageous for the defense and make the case more difficult for the State to prove.

If you are acquitted of DWI/DUI, you may have the license suspension for the breath and/or blood test refusal removed from your driving record.

Dallas Breath Test Refusal/Failure Lawyer

DWI/DUI justice has become almost a puzzle in Texas courts. The prosecution mounts its case, and the defense pores over the evidence looking for such vulnerabilities as:

  • Did the field sobriety tests comply with required standards?
  • Did the state keep a second blood sample for re-testing?
  • Was the Breathalyzer working right?
  • Was the Breathalyzer operated by a licensed technician?

Fort Worth DWI Defense Attorneys

When you face DWI/DUI charges, a lot is at stake. Choose an attorney who does her job scrupulously and cares about your rights. Choose Sally G. Goodman of Dallas.

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