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The law is about big things like constitutional rights, but it usually comes down to smaller things. Did the police observe proper procedures when they pulled you over and issued a DUI? What was the actual reason they pulled you over for? Did you eat anything unusual before submitting to the Breathalyzer test?

Dallas DWI Defense Attorneys

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DWI/DUI) is the most common criminal offense committed in the U.S. Arrests are at an all-time high because legislators keep increasing the penalties against offenders, in response to America’s serious highway fatality statistics.

DWI/DUI laws are stringent, and Breathalyzer tests constitute a kind of self-incrimination. Board-certified DWI/DUI lawyer Sally G. Goodman has two pieces of advice:

  1. Carry the number of an experienced DWI/DUI lawyer on your person at all times, and use it as soon as you are arrested. Sally G. Goodman’s number is 214-748-3230.
  2. Don’t give yourself up. Don’t confess. Don’t discuss the case with the police. They are not your friends, no matter how reassuring they may seem. Let your attorney do all your talking.

Her approach knows that every case is unique in some way, and every case — even the ones that look like slam-dunks at first — have a weakness that can be exploited. Finding that loose thread and pulling on it has saved hundreds of clients from the severe set of punishments meted out for DWI/DUI conviction.

Sally G. Goodman defends against the full range of DWI/DUI offenses, including:

Breath And Blood Test Refusal/Failure

Sally G. Goodman has made a reputation for her successes defending individuals charged with refusing to take the Intoxilyzer 2000 breath test. She also assists in preventing license revocations and obtains expunctions for DWI/DUI arrests and convictions.

Pulled over for DWI/DUI? Call 214-748-3230 to talk to certified criminal defense attorney Sally G. Goodman, an expert at DWI/DUI and other serious traffic offenses. Or write to her using this online form.

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