Strong Defense Against Federal Charges

The criminal justice system can be confusing for someone who has never experienced it before. You can be arrested by state officials, face charges filed in state court, and still find yourself tried in federal court. If you are facing federal criminal charges, you need an attorney with the experience and passion to fight for you. Sally G. Goodman can provide the vigorous defense you need against federal criminal charges.

Drug Crimes, White Collar Crimesand More

Federal law covers many of the same actions that can be charged under Texas law. While some lawyers restrict their practice to state courts, board certified criminal defense attorney Sally G. Goodman has experience at both state and federal levels. She knows federal courts and prosecutors. She can defend you against a range of federal criminal charges, including:

  • Possession, manufacturing, or delivery of drugs
  • Wire fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Conspiracy
  • Computer crimes
  • Weapons violations
  • Assault and violent crimes

A Special Note for Immigrants Facing Criminal Charges

Sally is a pioneer in the field of crimmigration, meaning the interplay between criminal defense and immigration. Immigrants can find themselves facing deportation based on questionable criminal allegations. Some are even deported without ever receiving a criminal trial. It is important to find an attorney who understands how federal criminal law can affect immigration issues.

Federal Court = Complex Issues

Federal courts differ from Texas state courts in several ways. The rules and the people involved are different. You cannot assume that even a highly competent Texas defense attorney will be able to represent you against federal charges. You need someone with experience in federal criminal trials to provide the defense you deserve.

Contact Sally G. Goodman for Caring Representation

There is so much at stake when you are facing federal criminal charges. The outcome of your case can change your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Your attorney needs to understand the law and federal courts, of course. But it is equally important that your attorney understands you.

Sally G. Goodman is smart, experienced and tough. She is also a thoughtful, caring, dedicated professional. She is meticulous in her preparation. No stone is left unturned in her efforts to protect her clients’ rights. If you are facing charges and need a dependable, aggressive federal criminal defense lawyer, Sally G. Goodman can help you. Call her Dallas-based law firm at 214-748-3230 to discuss your case today.